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Jun 21 2012

NYC Induction, Day One

So, it’s my second night of induction after my first day of programming.  Being a compulsive organizer of all things abstract, I’d like to sum up my experiences thus far in a list:

Things I’ve Learned About Induction Thus Far:

1. Come to induction as soon as registration opens.  The lines are a lot shorter, and it gives you plenty of time to set up your room before the craziness of programming starts.  I came right at 9am, managed to be the one of the first people to check in, and then was able to spend a few hours moving in and organizing my room.  For the first time ever, I have a clean and organized room!  Now I just have to keep it that way…

2. Sleep a lot before you come.  With all of the struggles of moving my life halfway across the country, this was something I neglected, and I’m definitely paying for it now.  It’s only the first day of programming, but TFA jam-packs as much as possible into every day, so each day is exhausting.  Combined with sleep deprivation, moving, and still feeling the aftershock of finals (I graduated last week!), it’s tough.

3. Do the pre-institute work.  There are a lot of valuable things to be learned by reading what they sent and I got a lot of ideas for my classroom.  I’m just doing tomorrow’s discussion reading tonight and I find myself highlighting a ton of things that I’m excited to use in my classroom.

4. Don’t stress if you didn’t complete all the pre-work.  There will always be time to read things later and no one expects you to come to the sessions with a complete mastery of all the material, or anything close to that.  I didn’t have my story of self planned out all that well today, and I was super nervous about that coming into my discussion session.  It ended up not being a big deal at all.  : )

5. Don’t be afraid to take a little time each day for yourself.  There are so many people you’re meeting all the time and it can be really overwhelming, especially for someone as introverted and shy as myself.  I left dinner an hour early today to take a nap and relax by myself and it was definitely the right decision.

I’ll have many more lists and musing in the days and adventures to come, but for now, time to sleep!


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